Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Weekly Zug Zug: Mirrah ' We Wanna Know' ft. L-FRESH The LION

The beautifully exuberant and insanely talented Mirrah just dropped her debut EP titled Life and we're so stoked to be able to share a bit of it with you! 

In just five RnB, soul, jazz and hip hop inspired tracks, Mirrah paints a vivid snapshot of what it means to be a modern day poet - her passionate and inspiriting vocal finesse leads a strong troupe of artists to deliver heartfelt stories of desires and frustrations. 

The single 'We Wanna Know' featuring L-FRESH The LION is our Zug Zug this week. This fiery anthem, which questions the origins of hate and discrimination, is nothing short of a thought-provoking and rhythmic storm.

Mirrah's EP Life is now available via iTunes or you can grab your hard copy via her website.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

When I lived on Gladstone... Welcome B Wise

Photo by Mclean Stephenson

We caught up with our newest homie, rising Sydney based MC, B Wise, to learn more about his musical and family roots in which he pays homage to in the music video for ' No Questions'.

What was young Wise like growing up?

Growing up, I was very active and played a lot of sports. But I was a bit mischievous, a menace, a joker - it depends who you ask, but I was always approachable. My experiences taught me how to handle different people and situations - I feel I can go anywhere, hang with any kind of crowd, adjust and feel comfortable. I'm different today as I've grown up, I'm a man now and I take responsibility for my actions and what I do. I used to follow a lot of my friends and make poor decisions, but I've outgrown that now. Then again if I had never made those decisions I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Me and my parents have a great relationship - our family is very close. Like all parents they want the best for their children so they were very active in being part of me and my sisters' lives. They taught us that you have to work hard and that there are no short cuts. They taught us respect for others and humility.

What was it like growing up in Gladstone?

So in this photo there's my two younger sisters Amy and Nonye, and the two boys are brothers who were our family friends growing up called Toosi and Orwell. This house is actually where we first lived when we moved back to Sydney from rural NSW. This house was in Chester Hill - we lived there just over a year before we moved to Gladstone Close which I make reference to in 'No Questions'. We actually just used this pic in the video because I didn't have any photos of my house on Gladstone Close, but it drove the same message in the lyrics: "But we would have mad fun when I lived on Gladstone".

How did you get involved with rap? 

Left to right, that's Emmanuel we call 'Egasm', Junior we call 'Young Glove', and Mini - she didn't rap but was like our extended crew friend. One person not pictured was Yaw, we called him '2 Deep', He was another member of K1 (Konnected as 1). This pic was taken at some party we crashed lol in 2006 I think. 

I got involved with rap mainly with those guys. I've always loved rap music but started writing my first raps with Young Glove. But I always had a creative side, and used to do music at school and perform with the school music group. I would then rap (other people's stuff) and play bass guitar. 

I've had to fight very hard to make a path in music. It never happened over night like it has for some. I've literally had to pull myself up from the bottom and I'm still going. To better my craft all I would do is keep writing and keep recording - it was the only way I got better. 

What drew you to ET and why did you feel it was the right fit for you?

Working with Tim (Urthboy) was the initial introduction to anyone from ET. I'd always heard of the label but didn't know anyone from there besides Sky'high. When me and Tim were working together, he and my manager had some talks and it pretty much stemmed from there. I felt it was the right vibe for me because it seemed to have a close family vibe and attention to detail which impressed me. I also love that the label allows me to continue to be myself, do what's comfortable from a music perspective and in fact, encourage it.

You’re currently touring the country with Horrorshow as main support. How has your experience been with ET since signing?

My experience so far has been pleasant, and I feel the love right now. It means a lot to be a part of something that's been moving for almost 18 years and they make you feel like you've been there since day one.

What's currently driving you as an artist?

It's always first about my passion to create something new through music and see what reaction it gives people. I'm also driven to make something of myself and I feel music is my vessel to do that and is my business card to open other doors in the future.

B Wise's debut EP Semi Pro is out now. Grab your copy via our website here.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Weekly Zug Zug: Birdz ' Black Lives Matter'

With injustices to the black community ignited by the current tensions in the US and home, the Black Lives Matter movement continues to be pertinent.

NT's Birdz' latest song 'Black Lives Matter' says it all and is why it's our Zug Zug this week. The live news samples, punchy beat and on point lyrics combine to relentlessly deliver the core message of the track: "Now we say black lives matter but shit, the fact of matter is, we just black matter to them, this shit keep happening".

Birdz writes on his socials:" When I say 'Black Lives Matter' it's in response to countless Aboriginal people being abused and murdered by police... it's in response to a 14 year old boy being murdered by a White man subsequently charged with manslaughter. It's in response to the blatant lack of value and respect shown for Black life in this country - known to be the lucky for some, Australia since 1788. 

"When you respond hastily with 'All Lives Matter' you're explicitly choosing to ignore the above and Australia's legacy of genocide. You're complicit in dismissing the murder of Aboriginal people. Your efforts to try and derail my path are futile - miss me with the bullshit."

'Black Lives Matter' follows Birdz acclaimed release Rise ft. Jimblah (Prod.by Joelistics).

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Weekly Zug Zug: Sticky Fingers - Westway (The Glitter & The Slums)

It's proving very tricky to pick a favourite from Sticky Fingers' latest album Westway (The Glitter & The Slums), which is why their third album is our Zug Zug this week.

From the opening track 'One by One' to the last 'No Divide', Sticky Fingers gently sweep you into a whirlwind of vulnerable emotions, touching on dark themes including breakups and rehab. It's their signature edgy yet endearing sound that resonates throughout this release, effortlessly making it a classic.

Catch the boys heading on their album tour this October and November. Tickets available via their website.

Fri 28 Oct | Enmore Theatre, NSW
Thu 3 Nov | The Tivoli, QLD
Fri 4 Nov | The Tivoli, QLD
Sat 5 Nov | NightQuarter, QLD
Thu 10 Nov | Odeon Theatre, TAS
Fri 11 Nov | Odeon Theatre, TAS
Sat 12 Nov | Festival Hall, VIC
Fri 18 Nov | Metro City, WA
Sat 19 Nov | Thebarton Theatre, SA
Sun 20 Nov | Thebarton Theatre, SA

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Weekly Zug Zug: Wallace 'Raffled Roses'

She's got one of those voices that effortlessly unearths emotion out of every moment. 

Future soul songstress Wallace and her gorgeously groovy single 'Raffled Roses' is our Zug Zug this week. This tropical number shines a playful light on Wallace's indulgent and expressive jazzy tones (distinctly reminiscent of Macy Gray). 

'Raffled Roses' is this Wellington native now Sydney local's 5th single release after 'Vinyl Skips', 'Beauty' ft. Sampa the Great, 'Negroni Eyes', and 'It You' prod. Kraak and Smaak. A vibrant mix of electronic pop - she also smashed her Bigsound show and we we're there!

Wallace's debut EP is in the works and is expected to be released later in the year. We'll be watching that's for sure.

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